9:44 PM

It takes a while to reach the home ground after some touring. I just cooked spaghetti. The first time I made food in a couple of weeks. Yesterday I just walked around in the apartment listening to music and wondering where I was. At night I thought I must be in another hotel because our bedroom looked so white. I'm home.

First there was Berlin, then Sweden. Two different countries, two different bands.

Berlin - the duo's first trip abroad
we thought there might be more gigs and more press etc. because Spartan Picnic came out on October 10th in Germany, but in the end we had two shows in Berlin and then a weekend for ourselves.
Sweden - with my new Swedish band
Started on Monday with press in Stockholm, then two days in Lidköping and Skövde rehearsing with Coma and Sebastian. Then gigs in Gothenburg, Eskilstuna and Stockholm as part of the Mokoma Tour 2008.I will get to the juicy bits and photography soon.
Here is a list of music that helps me to land:
Kevin Tihista's Red Terror - Don't Breath a Word
Elliot Smith - XO
M Ward - Post-war

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