The Tour Begins/Information/Lyrics

10:14 AM

It's Monday and Better Than Wages has been in stores for a few days now. I hope you have found it! We played a mini-show at Stupido Shop in Helsinki on Friday (without Jukka and his guitars) and now look forward to full blast shows this week starting in Tampere on Wednesday (September 9th).

Today and tomorrow are dedicated to bike riding and the search for performance outfits...I have to look the part – hanging with the Drunk Lovers.

From today onwards I will be posting the song lyrics for Better Than Wages here: a new day will bring one new song lyric for the next 11 days. Your Bitches lyric has already appeared here, so look for it from the older posts.

Important: if you already own a CD of Better Than Wages you have probably noticed that it doesn't inform you on who designed the covers, photographed everything and put it all together.
A horrible mistake! The artist is Varpu Eronen and she deserves our love as she is the greatest.

If you haven't seen the new music video much yet, watch it again!

Here is today's lyric:


I wanna hurt you now
to be sure that I can still
bring about a feeling
crack your walls
and hurt you now

cause I can’t kiss you now
my lips no longer wander
they’ve forgotten you
yet, I wanna move you
or pin you down

Oh, darling
I’m mad
red blooms flower
and I hate you

What would hurt you then
would you let me know that
if I broke your every bone
or beat your soul
would you feel the pain

Oh, darling
I’m mad
red blooms flower
and I hate you

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