Midhill DJ playlist

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New Look

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Friday Links

2:03 PM

Touring is fun!

3:48 PM

Album Release Party and Video

12:30 PM

It's Friday, baby!

5:00 PM

Friday fashion Links & VINYL NEWS

7:58 AM

Reviews and more

9:37 PM

Hear the whole Astrid4 now!

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Friday Links

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Remember to pre-order Astrid4 now

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Friday links

11:55 AM

Autumn shows in Finland/ SYYSKIERTUE

1:23 PM

Live Shows in Finland

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Pre-order Astrid4 now!

9:20 PM

Four Months To Kill -single

9:48 PM

New Album in October and a single give-away today

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single on I-tunes

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New Song

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Stream Stream Stream

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