Hear the whole Astrid4 now!

9:01 PM

Oh hi there!
I missed a Friday and posted no links...so sorry. I blame the fact that last Thursday was the first live show we played with the new band. The show went down nicely, but it was probably still on my mind on Friday so much that I forgot to post links. I'm looking forward to more shows!

Today it's all about Astrid4, because this is the release week. The album comes out on FRIDAY!!!!
Head over to Lily.fi to stream the whole package right now. You can also win tickets to the album release party (@Korjaamo, 15th of November) if you comment on the post over there.

On the pre-order front: if you pre-order from I-tunes now, it's bloody cheap and you get to have one song as a download already.

A couple of great reviews and write-ups have already appeared for Astrid4:
Rumba gave the album 4,5/5 review in their latest issue. "Astrid4 on vahva kokonaisuus."
Soundi rated the album at 4/5 and said it is excellent: "Astrid Swanin viides albumi on loistelias teos."
You can also find me in the latest Olivia and the latest Trendi as well as the latest Costume!

I'll be back soon,

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