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9:37 PM

Releasing an album is kind of a bizarre experience every time, because there is very little indication before hand of how it will be received. Also, the process of making albums, especially Astrid4, is so long that you kind of manage to forget that it will eventually be heard by others. People will connect or they will not. Sometimes in the process you can think that it doesn't matter, but of course it does. Art is for people. Songs are for listening and I don't usually like talking in the dark.

So today Astrid4 got an amazing review on Nuorgam. It's great when someone has the space and time to write about an artist and an album. It's even more great when the writer totally gets everything. I'm humbled (and blushing).

Stop, Shake, Honey, Go is also such a sweet supporter. Here's what Antti wrote about Astrid4 today!
I've had many lovely messages today from people close and far telling me that they like the new album.
Thank you!

Oh, and Jungle Indie Rock have me on their frontpage because they are excited about the album streaming! Here's the stream on their Tumblr


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