Friday fashion Links & VINYL NEWS

7:58 AM

Hi again,
I missed last Friday's links because Astrid4 was released here in Finland and I was too excited to remember any routines. I celebrated with Japanese food and wine. Thanks for everyone who has since bought the record! Or done or said something nice.

From tomorrow Astrid4 is available on vinyl also. VINYL. Yeah.
Here are a few shop links:
Stupido (CD, LP; digi)
8Raita (LP)
Anttila (CD)
Swamp (LP)
Epe’s (CD)
Meteli (digi)
Now some on-line shopping links! It's funny to realize that people are often surprised that I am a fashion-nut and also investigate cosmetics for my own pleasure...Maybe it's because I write my own songs, everyone thinks I don't have time for primer or for leather pants. But I do.

Here's where I've been shopping (secretly):

American Retro


Here's where I go, but do not check out because I cannot afford their stuff!

I love these shoes, but usually just look at them and the street pics...

Happy Halloween!

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