Friday Links

12:31 PM

Oh hello!
My infrequent Friday celebration is happening today!
But before the links let me just update you on a few things:
the show date announcement for a Finnish tour is taking place next week for sure. I'm excited.
Actually, I'm hitting the road kind of already on Monday (January 20th, 2014 – next Monday)
by playing a duo show in Kerava. It's free and it's a nice venue at the local library, so welcome!
I love books and libraries and I'm glad to be sharing some songs in a bookish environment.

So more live show info will be coming your way soon.
In other news: life is both new and old everyday. Isn't it strange? It's precious – that much I am beginning to really figure out.
Here are some things I picked up on recently:

–It's not easy for men either; this work/home combination thing...oh and the same blog has a great write-up about women saying their most important job is at home. How controversial in 2014!

–Ok, so if I could find a proper link to Diane Keaton's acceptance speech for Woody Allen's life time achievement award I'd link to that but all I can find is this important detail.

–You can listen to the whole Iisa album until the end of this week here. The record comes out at the end of this month and I absolutely recommend it – even if you don't speak Finnish.

–This week I made a portion of such bad tasting healthy smoothie, that even I could not finish my glass...therefore I am going to try following recipies next time. My secret ingredient is chia seeds, but I have just found out that there's a way of using them and I ain't doing it right. Oh well! Being healthy is sooo time consuming and everytime I think I'm doing something good for me, someone somewhere has a different opinion.

Have fun this weekend!

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