1:28 PM

Illustration by Varpu Eronen
I'm so glad the new year is here. Last year was the most difficult I ever had, but it is behind me now.
And I'm here and feel light. And somehow free in a way that is hard to put to words.
January begins with songwriting for me. And so the year will go, because I need new songs like life needs water. It's time.

A handful of live shows will happen this year still. Next up: Soliti Winter Beach Party on January 30th. It is important for you to be there, if you believe that we need alternative artists and bands to keep doing their work on a professional level in Finland. This show will be all about raising money for SOLITI so that it can keep going and releasing great Finnish music. Times are tough. But sounds are good. Ten bands in one night. You need to come to Helsinki for the 30th of January.

On February 4th I will perform @Tekosyyklubi. It's a monthly songwriter's club organized by Elvis ry. Anssi Kela will be performing on the same night there, so hello! Better get there early!

Last year I wrote about bucket lists. This year I won't make promises or bucket lists, but I do have one wish: I want to experience Paris. It is a need really. I have the perfect boots and trench coat for the trip, just tickets and hotel needed.

Hope you are starting your New Year in good spirit!


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