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D/other, live shows & life

  Picture from Sideways 2022 by Johannes Salomaa. It's been almost exactly ten months since D/other came out in October 2021. The time has been layered with lovely concert hall shows, the despair of cancer and its gruelling treatment, disappointments and fear with Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine, worsening health and the preparation to die and then, the hopefulness of new medication, better news, rescheduled shows, spring time and summer time with some festival specials. In the richness of life at its best and worst, it has been a struggle to know which story to tell––which ongoing narrative to hold in silence and which to share. So, while I have been writing future works to be published, and while I have performed the D/other songs together with my lovely band, I have shied away from telling my story at present.  GLiveLab in Tampere, June 11th. (thank you for the photo to the audience member) Last September I defended my dissertation becoming a Doctor of Philosophy while in Octo

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