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Angels of Our Digital Heaven

  Shift I don't have a plan for (not) writing on my blog and I don't strategise about publicly addressing this messy thing called life. I undulate between exposure and hiding. These are some facts: blogs died a long time ago, kinda. Now they are an active yet historical node in the digital atmosphere. This online address is a little formless: not just a songwriter blog nor an illness blog and it is definitely not a mommy blog. Still, it is all of these and more. Over time accumulation shapes the archive. In my manner of upkeep, it is not a reflection I like, but a sedimental creation and I am the author. It's out of my control. It's a thing I want to leave and a thing I come back to. I am also a researcher of blogs, digital mothering discourse, and illness narratives. This place is almost most obvious for my existence. Yet, I have never fully committed. My digital participation over all is a little too porous to create the desired sticky effect.  Last week a watershed m

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