I'm Back

10:52 PM

The above are pictures of our show in Provinssirock 2008, Saturday June 14th (from www.noise.fi)
These are some reasons for why it is good to play shows, stay on the road, and book more shows NOW:
-you cannot make mudcake on the road, pour the dough into a crappy tin and have it seep through (onto the bottom of the oven) while supposedly baking
-you cannot play housewife on the road
-you remember your own songs better if you play them all the time
-you take more risks regarding your diet
-you eat less on the road
-you lift heavy things like drums and cases, which substitutes weight lifting
-you sweat
-there are no new songs hiding between the dusting cloth and the back of the sofa
-hardly anyone flirts at home

I failed to write about my Provinssi festival show here before, and the camera (mine) failed to take shots of the event apart from this one below from the backstage trailer. Modest compared even to the toilets we had backstage in Cannes in January, but oh so accommodating and loved by us then. I don't have a picture of the toilets in Cannes, but they were (as our whole backstage was) right on the beach front, and obviously those same ones had to do for movie stars and such .

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