The Duo

3:04 PM

On the hottest day of the summer we drove to Harjavalta and played our first duo show at Karmarock 2008. We arrived early, had time to get lost, found the motel (á la Twin Peaks), thought there was no rider for us backstage... Here is the changing room backstage:
And this picture was taken to see if the hat's OK:
OK, the duo felt a little uncertain on stage due to the newness of these facts: Rhodes, Fender amp, Korg synth for Astrid and singing and Yamaha synth for Niko (he wasn't so bad on the drums). It was fun to play, but after the show we could only talk of the many many mistakes made. Also, Niko's synth kept falling off of its makeshift stand in the middle of songs, landing on his foot and making unwanted wrong notes over what ever we were playing...And I kept looking at Mikael (who wasn't there) when ever there was a wrong note, before realizing I'm fluffing all by myself. But hey, we got some very nice thank you's from the audience and from other and highly valued musicians that night:By the time this picture was taken we had been informed by more experienced Cosmonauts that in fact we had a rider if only we asked from the backstage kitchen. Suddenly we had more friends and enemies than ever. A special thank you to the kitchen girls for our later entertainment and for saving us from a really long walk back to the motel.
Compromised items: Stella McCartney - Peony (RIP)

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