Happy New Year Everyone

3:08 PM

Good Wishes

2:36 PM

Coma, the guitarist's TOP10 of 2000–2009

8:22 PM

TOP10 of this decade by The Drunk Lovers

2:08 PM

ON THE ROAD -single available from online stores

8:30 PM

Last show of the decade

12:12 PM


9:49 AM

Group Portraits

4:34 PM

Hämeenlinna, Turku, Forssa

9:57 AM

Tour continues

11:15 AM

Bowler Hats and All

11:56 AM

Some more shows to come in 2009

1:14 PM

Band picture

10:11 AM

Chapter II: Album Reviews

10:35 AM

On Reading My Own Album Reviews chapter 1.

10:25 AM

Stranded in Stereo & Lost in Music

8:21 PM

Cocktail parties

9:44 AM

Today at Tavastia (meet the sober and the drunk)

10:04 AM

Live Review and more lyrics

11:05 AM

Waitress' Song

8:22 AM

When I Was Taken and I didn't Care

1:37 PM

New Interviews

6:24 PM

Lost in Music & something from Berlin

2:59 PM

Misfit video and lyrics

12:34 PM

Helsinki in Berlin this week

3:47 PM

Finland in November

10:35 AM

Nyt-liite review, Levykauppa Äx show, another song lyric

6:38 PM


10:10 AM

Status Update

9:37 AM

The Tour Begins/Information/Lyrics

10:14 AM

The Drunk Lovers introduces a new member + video news

10:33 PM

Good Morning

9:28 AM

Suomenkieliset bloginlukijat ohoi!

9:18 PM

Publicity Stunts

1:36 PM

The Whole New Album Streaming

10:36 AM

Album of the Week on YleX

10:23 AM

Better Than Wages is the Album of the Week on YLE X

6:24 PM

Tavastia added to live shows

1:03 PM

More Fun Things Found On-line

10:59 AM

An Album Review for Better Than Wages

8:03 PM

Music Alliance Pact features my song

5:11 PM

Get MP3s of Better Than Wages Now

5:50 PM

New live-show additions: in-stores and Berlin

5:41 PM

Do You Speak French?

6:15 PM

Fall Shows Again (with a few changes)

4:58 PM

Desibeli.net Interview

5:44 PM

Pre-order Better Than Wages Now and Buy Your Bitches from I-Tunes

5:14 PM

The First List of Live Shows for the Fall 2009

8:24 PM

A song available for free download & new songs on Myspace

6:19 PM

Your Bitches

11:25 AM

Astrid and The Drunk Lovers make a record and play their first show

2:06 PM

Astrid Swan & The Drunk Lovers fall for eachother

10:04 PM