Astrid and The Drunk Lovers make a record and play their first show

2:06 PM

It's impossible to have anything much to tell about recording an album. It's fun and ugly. Day by day everyone begins to look worse. Intense energy, boredom, excitement of the new, fear.
But now we're in the second from last day of mixing. At this point all perspective, distance and good will is gone. It's just uncertainty, fiddling with small frequencies that make all the difference. Nerves. The band is dispersed all over Scandinavia, waiting to hear what happened to the songs.

Getting ready for the first gig with A. S. & The Drunk Lovers at Bar Loose. We played so loud some people had to leave. But I promise to work on this, as we are not trying to be Dinosaur Junior. We tried to do a red-wine-thing on stage but it sucked. Anyway, it was impressive.

Don't go jogging for the first time in the spring with someone who runs all the time, is twice your height, and even does streching afterwards. This put me off for weeks.

Studio recipe: Garlic. Ginger. Onion. Good. (But no chili)

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