Good Morning

9:28 AM

Suomenkieliset bloginlukijat ohoi!

9:18 PM

Publicity Stunts

1:36 PM

The Whole New Album Streaming

10:36 AM

Album of the Week on YleX

10:23 AM

Better Than Wages is the Album of the Week on YLE X

6:24 PM

Tavastia added to live shows

1:03 PM

More Fun Things Found On-line

10:59 AM

An Album Review for Better Than Wages

8:03 PM

Music Alliance Pact features my song

5:11 PM

Get MP3s of Better Than Wages Now

5:50 PM

New live-show additions: in-stores and Berlin

5:41 PM

Do You Speak French?

6:15 PM

Fall Shows Again (with a few changes)

4:58 PM Interview

5:44 PM

Pre-order Better Than Wages Now and Buy Your Bitches from I-Tunes

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