TOP10 of this decade by The Drunk Lovers

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Today I begin with my version of the end-of-the-decade listomania!
I have followed with mixed emotions the endless album of the
decade lists sprouting up on the pages of magazines and blogs
(and in conversations with friends). Our public and private need to
reflect back on very recent history seems to have sped up
in this last decade even more. My problem is that when I am asked to
name my favorite album or event, or color even, I go blank.
But I asked all of the old and new Drunk Lovers to send me their
TOP10's of 2000-2009! This is a way for us all to get to know
these people a little better. They were allowed to choose what
they are listing about, so it's not just music.

Today I am posting Niko Votkin's (drums) and Jukka Salminen's
(guitar)TOP10 of the decade LISTS.
Please, send your own Best of the Decade Lists in, as well!

NIKO VOTKIN TOP10 2000–2009

1. Friends, Relationships and Bands
2. Old records and history of music.
3. Drinking and smoking (K-Klubi)
4. Hats
5. Travelling in South America & India
6. Vintage instruments
7. Bicycling and Jogging
8. Berlin & Touring in Europe
9. Biker Boots
10. The Kills

Niko Votkula Lihamestari Votkin

TOP10 of 2000-2009 JUKKA SALMINEN

1. Eeva, Eelis, Niilo
2. No. 63 @ Thai & Laos, Tampere
3. Eterna Musima Deluxe II
4. Dungen
5. Touring in Germany, Japan, UK, US, Finland
6. Internet
7. Vinyl
8. Doris / Telakka / Klubi
9. Canon EOS 5D Mark II
10. KIAD 2002-2005

That's about it.

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