Top Ten of 2010 and Some Gossip

10:32 AM

Thanks to the Norman Palm Gang

9:22 PM


11:43 AM

Mystery Jets support shows announced

2:58 PM

Rakkaudesta -interview online

10:42 AM

One More Show

5:47 PM

September Tour in Germany and Austria

4:42 PM

rabbit, loon and a black bear

10:35 AM

Summer shows

5:40 PM

Solo Shows

1:29 PM

Tomorrow in Turku

11:59 AM

On The Road Again

9:14 AM

Coffee Break/Social Media Time

3:22 PM

Live Dates

6:28 PM


3:11 PM

More Shows & Radio

12:30 PM

I'm on Air

10:33 AM

Jyrock and Other Rock Shows

3:21 PM

TV online

9:50 AM

I'm on TV Today

11:46 AM

My Controversial Music in Intro Maganize

12:08 PM

More Pics

12:13 PM

Hair colors and Merch thoughts

9:32 AM

Live Review from Haldern

10:57 AM

Feature in Rolling Stone & more

10:44 AM

Back from Tour

12:09 PM

Tour&Tour Blog will begin soon

11:15 AM

German Tour Dates

11:26 AM

Buy Better Than Wages on-line in Germany and the Netherlands

1:18 PM

My Lawyer Will Call You Lawyer

11:23 AM

'Frau Swan' is getting ready

10:49 AM

First Gig of 2010

12:45 PM