Hair colors and Merch thoughts

9:32 AM

So, here is a new German review of Better Than Wages. This one says that my hair has been red as well as black, brown and blond. How do they know? Last time I looked like Pippi L. was in high school...Ok, yes, but I always feel like a blond and still have nightmares about the accidental dark tone from two years ago. I also think that the reviewer is expecting my next album to be about hitting the big three-oh, but to reassure me and my audience: I can still fit one album into my lovely twenties! And I will.

Merchandise thoughts: I have to figure out a way of selling the new and cool t-shirts and boyfriend/wifebeaters from this site. Meanwhile, this is a snippet of what they look like (photo by

And then there's the VINYL, which is white and you get lyrics too, as well as an extra song (which starts side two). In Germany you can buy this everywhere, in Finland go to Stupido Shop.

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