I'm on TV Today

11:46 AM

Hello everyone who watches Finnish TV! Today at 10pm (22:00) on YLE TV1 I am one of the guests on Voimala. It is my favorite program on telly and I had the honor of being asked to appear with Chisu and Jona discussing what it is like to be a musician and a woman in 2010.

Also, a couple of new reviews for BTW:
this one from Turku is great and I can pretty much promise her now that my next album sleeve will have the lyrics printed. If you buy Better Than Wages on vinyl, it has the lyrics, so that's a thought for everyone!

I'm in Folkworld! It's a nice review and I don't mind being folk.

Finally, here is a Dutch review which mentions this blog! I am an ordinary girl, yes. I did a google translate on this one as I don't know any Dutch. Google translate brings a daily doze of psychedelia into our lives. I recommend.

Remeber to watch TV today in the evening!

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