Coffee Break/Social Media Time

3:22 PM

I want to keep blogging even though I cannot constantly announce news here. I'm not a newsagent, and the blog isn't a newsstand, so there should be no problem...(I'm reassuring myself here)

It's sometimes difficult to decide what is important enough (or proper) to write here, because I am not on tour right now (although I will be on a mini one next week) and I don't have an easy label for this phase.

I'm writing songs. It is a fluid time of various activities and non-activities all of which amount to music at some point. But not directly. I have time to have a cough for five weeks straight. I have time to watch a movie in the middle of the day. I have time to organize my closet. I email. I read. I cook and sneeze a lot. I write my diary, update the movie blog I'm one half of. I surf the net and read other blogs and check Twitter and Facebook a little too often. I meet friends at odd hours and drink espresso.

Amongst this routine I write songs. It's exhilarating, lonely and makes me feel possibly the happiest I can be – in short instances. It's frustrating too. Can you believe that having this time actually makes me feel guilty? Am I utilizing it right or am I just lazy?

In any case, next week I'll be playing at least one new song at the solo concert on Saturday 17th of April in Jyrock.

I have been following Penelope Trunk's blog for a while now. She inspires me to become a better blogger. I can't remember how I found her but she has given some good advice on blogging in the midst of her entertaining and intelligent way of telling about her personal life. I have her bookmarked, which is rare in my computer life. (I'm hoping the advice is sinking in slowly)

I would also like to take part in this webinar A Musician's Roadmap to Social Media Success
and become an expert on Twittering and Myspacing (I suck right now!) but it costs 400 dollars and I'm defending my not enrolling with DIY-pride.

Please, follow me on Twitter! I'm soon going to invest in a phone that can access the internet so I can twitter from the most uncomfortable places like the rest of the world.

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