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4:15 PM

"The Finnish press response has thus far been excellent, with Astrid Swan picking up some of the best reviews of her career." Said Soliti about their first release!

Here's where to buy the album in Finland and elsewhere:

Stupido Shop

Record Shop X

(Both Ship Internationally)

8 Raita


Digital is only available from iTunes

some initial responses:


Gaffa Sweden 4/6

Nordische Musik Album of The Month 5/6

“If this gets a whole new group into Pavement who knows, but her covers show how great Pavement songs hold up when covered.” Song of the Day, The New Gay

“Hits is a bold Artistic Bang” 4/5 Aamulehti’s Valo

“It’s totally awesome!” Spin

“”Shady Lane” is drowned in a haze of synths and cooing background vocals; “Zurich Is Stained” is transformed into a radio transmission from another planet; and throughout, Swan’s cracked, multitracked voice brings to mind those of Kristin Hersh and Tanya Donnelly. ” Village Voice

“dropping an album that makes you think of Malkmus in a new way is a surefire way to make a splash in indie U.S.A. And she does so with a certain grace” MTV Hive

KSML 4/5

“Here’s something sorta cool/goofy/perfect…..I particularly dig the “Zurich is Stained” cover. ” Prefix

“I don’t care much for cover albums but I do care for Astrid and I do care for Pavement. Therefore I gave the album a chance to win my heart over and I’ve been really enjoying it.” One Chord

“Astrid Swan covering 9 songs of Pavement, it’s an amazing collection” Gimme Indie

“Finnish Singer Astrid Swan just did an entire LP of Pavement covers, and it’s kinda amazing” Domino Records

“Swan also uses her own brand of dreamy vocals, synths and instruments to truly craft a Pavement 2.0 and a more feminine perspective on the band’s witty and poetic songs.” Cover Me

“…Swan’s interpretation of Shady Lane hits the target” Stop, Shake, Honey, Go

“after listening to the track “Box Elder,” it’s safe to say that Astrid Swan has another cracking album on her hands.” bubblegunked

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