Happy 1st Birthday Soliti

10:03 AM

Today marks a year from when Nick Triani seriously set to working on Soliti – a record label. Soliti is a label that released my Hits (Pavement for Girls) as well as having introduced new bands such as The New Tigers, Black Twig and continued the journey of Cats On Fire.

If anyone can testify on how much Triani (the heart and soul of Soliti) has worked, it should be me, as I have watched the operation from the very beginning. My Pavement covers album was the first release in August 2011. Our living room continues to be the main theater of this show (on alternating days I am both proud and annoyed by this fact). Only a positively crazy and hideously daring person would start a record label in 2011 signing only bands/artists based on artistic originality. Clearly, all the risks have been worth taking. I think that Soliti is on its way up somewhere in the staircase where art, music, hard work and a little business meet. It is getting harder and harder for bands to find a record label to release their music. To find a record label with passion for great art has always been rare. We are blessed.

Here's a link to Soliti's post about the b-day and to all the released albums streaming (for a week) in celebration. Please, listen and support your hard-working label and artists buy purchasing the records!

You can also go to Soundcloud to listen to the whole Soliti catalogue!

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