Live Shows in Finland

8:33 PM

Yesterday we had our first rehearsal with the whole band together. Naturally, we were all over the place and didn't even play all the songs yet, but I have a good feeling. It's going to be good. And a little magical too.

This is what the band is made of for Astrid4 shows: drums by Alina Toivanen (from Minä ja Ville Ahonen, Risto, LCMDF), guitar and bass by Mikael Hakkarainen (from Mikael& some Siberians, Kaspar) and horns, flute and clarinet by Johannes Salomaa (Hutera, The Soultwisters ja Boston Promenade to name a few). Aren't they hot?

I'll be announcing some more live shows soon, but here's what we have listed so far:

October 17th, 2013 Telakka, Tampere (Lost In Music)

November 15th, 2013 Korjaamon Vintti, Helsinki RECORD RELEASE PARTY

Talk to you soon,
your Sleepyhead

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