Friday Links

1:19 PM

Ooh lalaa, it's Friday!
I just saw a friend in the park (with our kids in tow) and she said that my new album is everywhere!
How lovely to get such feedback on these nervous days before the first live show and before the album release...

Here are some links for your Friday:

I have gone officially mad about this chalk paint, because you don't have to prime or sand furniture before using it! I'm going to start with the kitchen table and slowly paint everything I can.
(I spent on all night Wednesday watching youtube clips on how to do different techniques with these paints – I'm nuts)

Sky Ferreira is my favorite. I can't help it.

These babies are coming to me any day now (probably Monday). UPS guys are my new heroes. Don't you just feel extra special when they call and tell you they will be delivering your package soon?

This is where I go for a peek into other people's homes and to get some inspiration for home decor. I'm one of those people who has to move at least every 4 years and now it's been 6, so I'm really itching to pack and start anew in a more spacious place. But until then, I'll be painting the furniture...

Happy weekend!

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