Album Release Party and Video

12:30 PM

Tonight is Astrid4 -album's release party show time at Korjaamon Vintti, Helsinki.
Welcome everybody!

Tomorrow we play Dynamo, in Turku.

My video finally premiered yesterday on Rumba in Finland and on Gold Flake Paint -blog in the UK.
It's been nicely received. Thanks for watching it. Have another look:

Timo Wright directed the video. Jarkko Virtanen shot the whole thing on a strange slow-mo camera and Milla Piiroinen edited with care. I'm very proud of the end result. I don't know how much you can tell from the finished product, but the during the process I got freaking cold and regretted my repeated stupidity in always saying yes to crazy ideas for art. I should have just held on to being the one who throws the paint at others, which was the original idea for the video, but instead I became the target. Because it was easier that way. The location is Pasila one Sunday in September. Real people passed as by often with baffled looks, sometimes commenting on the mess we left behind.

See you tonight!

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