It's Friday, baby!

5:00 PM

So, the song above is the first single from Astrid4 and I have made a video for it. It's going to be all yours to watch very soon, so more about it soon. (BTW, the making of the video was a sacrifice of sorts, the kind you think will be fun, but turns out to be a bit much, and then looks good in the end)

Here are my Friday links for today:

Reading is so good for you, as Neil Gaiman knows.

I've been struggling to read in the last year, because the internet and my child have damaged my ability to find time or concentration. Hence, I'm thinking of asking for this for Christmas.

But what I lose in not sitting down for books, I gain in googling and blog-browsing... This is a place I stop by often. I don't think I've ever commented on Belle's posts, but I should because often they are fantastic and she writes beautifully about her favorite things: her kids, husband, NYC, and being creative. And they have brought their kids up on Bob Dylan too.

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