New Look

12:20 PM

My blog has had a much-needed remodeling this week. It's simple, pictures look bigger and I feel like spending more time here now! Thanks to Teppo! Please, become a follower on blogger and notice the handy social media icons on the right hand upper corner.

Yesterday we played a duo show in Helsinki with Johannes Salomaa, the horn guy from my band.
Thanks for those special people who had turned up just to listen. You made it worth our while in a place that otherwise had a very different energy about it.
On Saturday (tomorrow), we will be a duo again.This time at a rather new Frech/American diner-like place called Midhill. The food has a reputation of being good. It's a brunch show, so we are on at 1PM. Welcome!

And on other news: Astrid4 made it to Rumba's TOP20 of Finnish albums in 2013. Astrid4 is #17!

Are you excited about the Holidays nearing fast? I keep dreaming about cooking, decorating and present buying, but never seem to find the time to do anything about it...

Have a great weekend,

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