Nature Calling -single, live dates and more

8:21 PM

Here's the second single from Astrid4! Nature Calling is the fist track on the album. It's all about sensuality, femininity and it's pretty straight forward about what it's about. So no need to spell it out (because I might get a little red-cheeked if I have to).
Please, spread the Soundcloud link as much as you like. And have a listen or two!

Oh yeah, here are some live show dates for Finland in the coming months:

12.2. Tavastia, Helsinki (with Anni)  
 7.3.  Winter Blues – Jääkellari, Suomenlinna  
 8.3.  Lavaklubi, Helsinki – Naisten Linjan hyväntekeväisyyskonsertti
 13.3. Klubi, Tampere

If you are still reading, I can also tell you that Astrid4 will be coming out in the UK on March 3rd, 2014. I'm excited! Wish me luck!


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