ASTRID4 Out in the UK today!

6:06 PM

It's been a little quiet here recently, while I deal with being ill and having treatments. Days go by with nothing news worthy – quite the opposite. Still, there are happy days and great good news every now and again. Like today. I am over the moon about my album coming out in the UK today. I hope the album is found by understanding ears. Who knows, maybe I'll make it there in the autumn.
Black Bear And a Hoofer is the new single from Astrid4 and it got a premier on Clash on this very day.
How great is that?

This is what Soliti says about the whole deal:

Astrid Swan‘s Astrid4 album receives a UK release via Soliti on the 22nd April 2014. To celebrate this, you can download/share the new single Black Bear & A Hoofer, a track that easily embodies many of the themes found on Astrid4. As Astrid points out “I don’t care for the forest. Never been a nature creature really. I don’t go berry picking in August, I’m fine in the city. But a natural order began to outline itself in the concrete. There are black bears behind my closed eyes, wild deer hoofs in the night.”

Clash premiered Black Bear & A Hoofer today and said of Astrid4 “An expansive, sumptuously produced record, it matches the odd Americana flourish to baroque pop arrangements worthy of ELO.Shamelessly pop and outrageously ambitious”

A few shop links for the UK too:
Buy from UK outlets: AmazoniTunes, SpotifyVirgin MediaPlayEBayBandcampJunoDiscorderRhythm OnlineShellshock etc etc.

Talk soon darlings!

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