9:06 PM

Marianne Faithfull in The Girl On A Motorcycle

Observations from the past months:
–happiness does not necessarily disappear from life once you become seriously ill
(in fact, I have noticed that good health and happiness have nothing to do with each other)
–colours seem brighter
–really boring and mundane days are the best
–while energy is often something I do not have at all, then when the better days come, I feel like I could run a marathon, write an album in one sitting and throw big parties all the time. I feel more happy than ever that is.
–sick people don't constantly think about being ill
–losing my hair is harder to deal with than losing a breast
–today I referred to 'those people who have lost a part of their body' forgetting that I am one of those poor people...
–illness does not make you any more understanding or smart or compassionate...
–there are jokes to be made and laughs to be had everyday

–Finally, I feel the tickling in my brain of new song ideas beginning to gather above my head like clouds. So I'm pretty sure there will be songs too.


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