Fall shows and recovering

2:12 PM

Hi there,
I'm happy to tell you that Flow festival was such a great way to return to playing live! Thank you kind people in the audience.
Solitifest was a blast, also. We did a duo show with Mikael. Some people cried. That's how we roll!

It's great that there is a little more live performing coming this autumn while I mostly take time off to recover from a hellish ride of cancer treatment. The recovering is going fine though, thanks for asking. My hair is growing and it is acting as a simile to everything else.

Next you can catch me and the band in Helsinki @Gloria Kulttuuriareena September, the 26th. Black Twig will be there too. This show is special because instead of Alina (who can't make the show), Niko Votkin will be playing the drums, so it's going to be a once-in-a-life-time chance to see the album line-up of Astrid4 playing together.

Then in October we play @Höstfest in Jyväskylä. Seems like a perfect festival. And Alina is back!
There will be more in October and later this year, so stay tuned.

PS. Astrid4 has come out in South Korea via Chili Music! Yeah!

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  1. Hello, Astrid. I was lucky enough to have a friend suggesting me to take a look at your work, it is fantastic. Really. I've read about you as well, I hope straight from my heart that you fully recover continue to find happiness in everything this life has to offer. I'm not stranger to thid sort of battle, so I can only wish you well, and strenght. Have a wonderful holidays and fab 2015. Kind regards, Diana from Buenos Aires.

  2. Hi Diana!
    I only just saw your comment – thank you for the kind wishes! So far 2015 has been good to me.
    I'm so happy you have found my music. <3