Down The Memory Lane

11:27 AM

Sometimes it's fun to get lost in an old external hard-drive and find old treasures from adventures long-gone. It's nice that looking back the past usually seems more fun and I feel more forgiving for my shortcomings. Like look at that crazy tiger above from 2006! This was a photo from an album cover shoot we did with Varpu Eronen for the American version of Poverina (it came out in the US in 2007 through Minty Fresh). Obviously, the pic never made it anywhere...

This here lady is me in Hollywood in 2007. Oh how I miss those days and the lovely Irina who took this picture.

This black&white photo is from a tour of Germany in 2010. I remember I didn't like the way I looked in these photos when I saw them back in the day. Now I just see the long hair and and feel nostalgia for the days and the person I think I was. Here's to hoping that in five years my current position will seem fabulous and the present even more so. This was my short message from the abyss of songwriting break. See you soon again!


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