The video & some thoughts

11:55 AM

A Long Time Running from Astrid Swan on Vimeo.

I'm just taking a moment here to appreciate this video Tekla Vály made for my song A Long Time Running. It looks great on Vimeo's player, so even though someone said that service is pretty much not happening, I uploaded the video there for those who prefer to go there.

The video was filmed on the very last day of October. Two days after winter fell and it would have been impossible anyway. Not least because two days after the filming I was back at the hospital – this time for some reconstructive surgery.

For some reason it often happens that a photoshoot or a video shoot or other artistic capturing of some form ends up happening at a threshold of something. At the last possible moment. As if to memorize something fleeting. Give it its final form.

Same thing happened with the album cover photo shoot. And the album being mastered.
It's a strange time of rising up, letting go and engaging in a new position.

The wonderful and dedicated performing crew on the video included a couple secret players and the following lovelies:
The Fox – Kasper Vähä-Ojala
The Deer – Anni Virolainen
Skeleton Woman – Sipe Kilpiö
Fisherman – Niko Votkin
Running Lady – Astrid Swan

This year glitters with potential and undiscovered possibility. I am trying to gently swim into the current, but my anxious body is fighting back and I feel clumsy. Breath. Just Breath. I try to tell myself.

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