Skeleton Woman VIDEO

1:11 PM

This is my brand new music video for Skeleton Woman. A song from the album From the Bed and Beyond.

Direction, cinematography, editing, script; photos – Tekla VálySkeleton Woman – Tiina SysimustaWoman in bed – Astrid Swan

‘Skeleton woman’ is an ancient story about life, death, love and reinvention. The mangled and broken bones of a long-gone skeleton woman in the middle of a lake get caught in a fisher man’s fishing stick. The Skeleton Woman rises, follows the scared man home and there, he puts her together. In the night, when the fisherman sleeps, Skeleton Woman drinks his tears to quench her thirst and thus becomes a living, breathing woman again. They fall in love.
My Skeleton Woman is a song of resistance. It is a song of owning my narrative, making beauty and life where death presides. My song is also a lament, because death is always already present. We are facing each other only for a fleeting moment. Love is our best bet and our wildest dream.

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