Welcoming the Turbulence of 2016

From my trip to Santa Fe in December 2015
It's been way too long. In my dreams I write here every week, keeping up with the process and reporting on random thoughts. Maybe discussing things artistic as well as the state of the world, having conversations – if someone wants to chime in. But in reality this here space remains silent as I work my way through days and months. Maybe, hopefully this will change now. I want to say more. Leave traces of unfinished thoughts and mark steps that are less significant and permanent than a finished song for example.

My look for the David Bowie Tribute show at Korjaamo on February 3rd, 2016
In early February a bunch of Finnish musicians had a tribute concert for David Bowie at Korjaamo Helsinki. it was a sold-out show. I had the honour to end the evening with Space Oddity. To play in front of 650 David Bowie fans in mourning and after all the fantastic performers of the evening was an experience I will never forget. Thank you1 Here are some pictures by Tomi Palsa of the evening if you'd like to see. Profit from the show went to cancer research in Finland through Syöpäsäätiö. 

Needless to say, the death of David Bowie touched me on many levels. As a fellow music maker, a weirdo and a breast cancer survivor (not sure if I like to call myself that). I celebrate his journey through different expressions and forms of music and his trials in combining music to other artistic expression. I take inspiration from the way he moved. I grieve his passing and the pain he was in, but I refuse to see his last album as an orchestration of dying artfully. To me there is no such thing. Dying is a tragedy. It is always too soon and at the wrong time.

Before I press publish and return to today's business I want to say two things:
A) I am recovering from an operation, which was the first out of two reconstructions I will be going through this year. After a mastectomy in 2014 I will be becoming a two-breasted woman again this year. Just letting you know! It's amazing and painful and many other conflicting emotions as well as uncomfortable physical states...

B) Please, give your support to people who report sexual abuse, harassment or violence. Kesha's legal case against her producer and her label has and will give rise to more abuse cases being spoken about in public. There are cases that relate to the entertainment and music business and others that don't – for the victims it can be very important to talk about what they have gone through even if time has passed. The latest person to speak was Larkin Grimm. Statistics about sexual violence in the US can be found from RAINN.
In Finland go to Naisten Linja for support and information.
Here's what Lena Dunham wrote about the Kesha case in Lenny Letters.

Let this year be full of creativity and bravery! We must fight for human rights and dignity NOW!

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